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how to get a job in the sneaker industry

How to Get A Job in The Sneaker Industry

Landing Your Dream Job in the Sneaker Industry Might Not Be That Hard

If your trying to work out how to get a job in the sneaker industry our handy guide will give you some of the best advice from our 15 years experience in the game.

How to get a job in the sneaker industry is something we are constantly getting asked here at Sneaker Jobs, which to be honest was the whole concept of the platform to start with. At the end of the day who doesn’t want to work in something their passionate about? In 2o21 the global sneaker industry was valued at $131 billion and is projected to grow to $215 billion by 2031. That’s a lot of dough and with sneaker culture becoming more and more apart of everyday life, working in a sneaker related role is something a lot of people from Boston in the USA to Berlin in Germany are looking to work their way into. So how do you get a job in the sneaker industry with no previous experience. Check out our 5 key points below.

how to get a job in the sneaker industry authenticator

1) Set realistic expectations

Let’s just cut straight to the chase here. If you don’t have any experience in the sneaker industry the roles you will be considered for will be entry level roles. That’s not to say you can’t switch skills over to the sneaker industry if you’ve already been working in a marketing role for example in a different industry. Entry level roles could include retail roles which will give you some opportunities to work your way up at a retailer but be mindful that retail roles are sometimes limited in promotion to retail management. Another way into the sneaker industry would be an authenticator which would require an in depth sneaker knowledge of current trends & specialising in counterfeit sneakers. An authenticator plays a pivotal role in the whole authentication process something which remains key to the sneaker resale market which is worth an estimated $6 billion. This role would require speedy decision making and the ability to quickly decide on product authentication to avoid backlogs of delivery. If neither of these roles aren’t for you then it’s probably a case of a more tailored role that fits in line with your own career experience and qualifications.

how to get a job in the sneaker industry authenticator

2) Communicate

From our own personal experience in the industry the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” couldn’t be more prevalent. Without the right type of contacts you’re going to struggle to get your name out there in the ever growing sneaker industry. Reach out to brands by emailing them, get on the phone (yes people still use phones) and make enquiries about roles you’re interested in. The sneaker industry is probably just about as fast phased as it gets, with new products coming out on a weekly basis, you’d be surprised just how many brands might listen to your ideas whatever they maybe. Communication is key just don’t get de-motivated if people don’t get back to you. Keep persisting making new contacts in the sneaker industry wherever you can and get your name out there.

how to get a job in the sneaker industry events

3) Network

If you’re wanting to make your passion become a full time reality you’re going to have to get yourself out there. Try and get to as many sneaker events as you can where you can potentially rub shoulders with the industry’s finest. Travel can cost a lot nowadays, however budgeting for an event could potentially pay off in the long run. Looking to become a videographer for the sneaker industry? Why not film the event itself? You get the idea. Nothing is handed to you on a silver plate, if you really want something you’ve got to go out there and get it and this is the same for networking. As much as people swap social media profiles at these events which could be anything from a launch to a panel type of thing, never underestimate the power of the business card, they’re also relatively cheap and can make a lasting impression. Unfortunably the majority of these events are in major cities so if you’re out in the sticks somewhere you’re going to have to travel, it’s as simple as that.

how to get a job in the sneaker industry social media

4) Get on Social Media

Social media probably seems like the obvious when talking about how to get a job in the sneaker industry but its the actual content that can be make or break. If you’re an illustrator for example looking to bag a big project with a brand or retailer building a profile of your work and your projects is key. Use your social media to document your work and not only will you (hopefully) build a following but if a brand did decide to work with you, they can also your following to promote your work through shared posts. When it comes to creative side of the sneaker industry is just as much about the story as it is the actual product. Creating your own storytelling through social media is a great skill in itself. Knowing your clientele is the key to success on social media.

Sneaker Jobs Authenticator

5) Check out Sneaker Jobs

Sneaker Jobs is a one stop platform for jobs & projects in the global sneaker industry. The vision was to create a specialist recruitment platform that offered a place for creatives, candidates & freelancers to find their dream role within the ever growing sneaker world. From entry level retail roles to experienced creatives, Sneaker Jobs has it all. Candidates, freelancers & agencies can upload their profiles which is searchable by the crème de la crème of companies in the sneaker industry.

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With over 15 years experience in the footwear & apparel industry our aim is to become the global destination for sneaker jobs & projects. Add sneaker jobs, add sneaker projects, find potential candidates, creatives & talent spanning all the way from Boston to Berlin. Boasting a selection of innovative tech features from job analytics to our very own freelance & agency marketplace our aim is to make finding a sneaker related job or project the easiest it has ever been.

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